Below are MP3 clips taken from each of the Shave the Monkey CDs
Click on the song title to download.

The Unseelie Court
Derriere Les Carreux ( F.Paris) - 598kb Clip
Witchfinder General ( C.Sheppard) - 518kb Clip
TV ( unknown) - 692kb Clip
Dragonfly (S.Collins) - 621kb Clip
Android (trad.) - 621kb Clip
Wrecking of Annie ( C.Sheppard) - 621kb Clip
Mad Arthur
Mad Arthur (D.Moss) - 406kb Clip
St. Georges Banner (B.Causton & C.Sheppard) - 621kb Clip
La Sansonette (D.Forges) - 766kb Clip
Perfect Match
Perfect Match (S.Collins) - 572kb Clip
Scared (B.Causton & C.Sheppard) - 2.21Mb Full Song
On the Edge (B.Causton) - 518kb Clip
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