Good Luck Mr Gorsky (2000)  Percheron Musique APE 3004 CD  

On the Edge
Perfect Match
Broken Rock
Beyond the Paddington Slip / Rondedans
Uit Arc-Anieres
Moving Softly
Laayoune / Scavenger

Another Day
Strangers Land
Last Goodbye
Hypochondriac / Cobra
  Mad Arthur (1996) Percheron Musique APE 3003 CD/MC  

Mad Arthur
Glory Flower/Bale Ar Zon
The Shearing/Tune For A Mop Fair
DDD (aka Lassie)
 Weeping Tower 
Maggot In The Codpiece/Deus Karnag


Chameleon/Rambling Sailor / La Sansonette
Just Emma / La Pic Rocheole
Nimbus / Shadowlands
St. George's Banner


Dragonfly (1994)

Percheron Musique APE 3002 CD/MC  

Who Are We To Blame?
Norsk Schottische/Halley V/ Bourree De Bog 
Sad Marie 
Tippi Marnie 
The Wrecking Of Annie


Branle Des Pois / Washerwoman's Brawl
The Candlelight Fisherman
My Friend / The Emperor/Android
Cafouillee / Dubbuk 
The Swallow
Appalachian Controlee

the unseelie court (1992)

Percheron Musique APE 3001 CD/MC  

Unseelie / Stella / Jewish Tune
Moll In The Wood / La Fleur De Bruyere
Witch Finder General
La Roulante/New Hornpipe
Derriere Les Carreux / 107-11 

Moon Song
Fairy Dance / Speed The Plough
Theme Vanietais (TV) 
Bonnie Light Horseman
The General
Shave the Monkey also appeared on the following albums

  Huntingdon Folk - Various Artists (1997) Speaking Volumes SVL04CD  

Ralph McTell - The Slip Shod Tap Room Dance
Alias Ron Kavana - Watch Out Willie
Jackie McShee, Gerry Conway, Spencer Cozens - Thyme
Show of Hands - Ratcliffe Highway
Artisan - Curapay Freijo
Dark Lantern - Fugitive
Shave the Monkey - St Georges Banner
Tom Leary & Kevin Dempsey - Mill Pond Medley
The Albion Band - The Willow)<

The New Bushbury Mountain Devils - Rebecca's Heart
Simon Mayer & Hilary Jones - When Summer Comes Again
Fairport Convention - Hiring Fair
Kevin Dempsey - Sheage of Rye/Boyana's Women
The Sally Baker Quartet - Angry Women
Vin Garbutt - When Oppressed Becomes Oppressor
Vikki Clayton - Movers & Shakers
Kathryn Tickell - Kielder Schottische

  Caught in the Light - Various Artists (1997) Time Life Music TL547/20  

Shave the Monkey - Nimbus/Shodowlands
Courage of Lassie - This Side Of Heaven
Richie Havens - Imagine
B.J. Cole - Window on the Deep
Stephen Rhodes - Angel of Healing
Diarmuid O'Leary & The Bards - The Band played Waltzing Matilda

Warren Bennett - The Eternal Flame
Trail Of The Bow - Flower Of The Flower
Janet Marlow - West 36th Street
Billy McLaughlin - Fingerdance
Lau Laursen - Ballerina
Harry Chapin - Circle


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